Reliance Jio Does it Again with 5G


Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio will offer truly unlimited 5G data to select users who will be invited to trial its beta network. If you want to know details about who will be invited and who will not be, click here. Shifting back to the topic at hand, Jio will be launching 5G network today for select users in the following four cities – Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai and Kolkata. In these four cities, Jio will select users randomly and offer them 5G services. Jio will offer 5G services completely free of cost to these select customers for now. Customers who will be selected by Jio will be notified via SMS. Note that you need a 5G SA-capable smartphone to support the 5G network of Jio.

This time again, Reliance Jio is offering unlimited data to consumers. Jio offered unlimited 4G data to the customers at the launch of the 4G network. It is doing the same with the 5G launch. This is a beta phase for the company. The reason why Jio has decided to do this is so that customers can use its 5G network and then give feedback on what’s good and what’s not. This will help Jio in making improvements if necessary.

Jio said that its customers would get up to 1 Gbps speed and unlimited data for free. The company has not yet announced the 5G plans for the customers. The 5G plans might not be announced for some time, either. The thing with this is that if you don’t have a smartphone with 5G SA support, even if you get invited, you won’t be able to use the 5G network of Jio. As per industry sources, Jio would be completely random about choosing people for the 5G beta trial. This trial would only be offered to the SIMs that have been purchased in the above-mentioned cities.

Check out this small video to understand everything in short about Jio’s 5G launch –