Preserving /non-public/tmp on a RAM drive with Massive Sur & Monterrey+ volumes to scale back SSD storage put on in heavy RW I/O methods?


Lowering put on on strong state drives appears to be increasingly vital as we see SSD utilization growing. With the newer MacBook Professionals (2016 on) and now the way more costly 2021 MacBook Professionals (MacBookPro18,1-4), a few of us have alarm bells going off about making an attempt to scale back cache put on when attainable.

For instance, I consider it’s sensible to buy the 64GB fashions not for the sake of efficiency, however fairly to present the OS and apps extra respiration room in order that much less swapping and onerous drive utilization happens.

On this identical line of considering, it appears to me {that a} 4gb or 8gb and even 16gb RAM drive is likely to be helpful to switch /non-public/tmp and any momentary file utilization if one develops software program, video games or requires frequent and heavy writes/rewrites on the drive.

Has anybody put any thought or research into this to see what sort of load it reduces from the storage drive?

And does anybody have a strong technique for creating and mounting a RAM drive such that it is in use proper at system boot? (eg, we used to have the ability to put issues like this into RC and we may nonetheless accomplish that if we’re capable of mount the foundation quantity RW after disabling SIP it appears.)