Onyxia Raises $5M to Help Companies Proactively Manage Cybersecurity Risks Using AI


Sept. 29, 2022
an AI-powered cybersecurity strategy and performance platform providing
a centralized way for security teams to monitor and manage
cybersecurity efforts in real time, has raised $5 million in seed
fundraising led by World Trade Ventures (WTV) with participation by
Silvertech Ventures and angel investors. Onyxia is setting a new
standard in cybersecurity by enabling enterprises and managed security
service providers (MSSPs) to consistently have real-time insight into
their internal systemic and macro cybersecurity postures, proactively
highlighting strategies to close imminent security gaps and threats. The
funding will be used to accelerate automation development, expand
staff, and enhance platform design.

From data destruction to monetary theft,
cybercrimes today take many different shapes and sizes. Globally,
organizations suffered a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021. New
attacks on consumers and businesses are expected to occur every two seconds by 2031 and cybercrime is predicted to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025.

“CISOs work in an environment where threats
and security solutions change rapidly. Too often, legacy cybersecurity
software fails to keep up with an evolving landscape despite security
teams spending $150 billion annually (Gartner)
on consulting and manual processes,” said Charlie Federman, Partner at
SilverTech Ventures. “Onyxia is addressing a blind spot in the market.
Its dynamic solution is what every CISO needs in order to maintain an
accurate picture of their cybersecurity landscape and make
insight-driven decisions.”

Leveraging AI, Onyxia’s platform keeps pace
with the ever-changing security landscape while personalizing the
platform and remediation recommendations for each company. And with
actionable insights, Onyxia empowers security professionals to define
their security environment and highlight the best solutions and
strategies to close vulnerable gaps before they emerge.

“​​Traditional cybersecurity systems are
reactive, burdening CISOs with manual work. As a result, many
vulnerabilities are ignored while pervasive cyber threats are becoming
more complex,” says Sivan Tehila,
CEO of Onyxia. “We built Onyxia to be a proactive solution to
cybersecurity threats, aimed at keeping CISOs ahead of the curve by
providing them with tailored insights based on real-time data, so
companies properly prioritize and are best prepared.”

Onyxia was founded by Sivan Tehila, who served
as CISO of the Research and Analysis Division and Head of Information
Security for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) prior to founding the

About Onyxia:

Onyxia is an AI-powered cybersecurity strategy, management, and
performance SaaS platform enabling enterprise security professionals to
understand their Cybersecurity posture in real-time. By leveraging
automation and scalability, Onyxia enables CISOs to gain a holistic view
of their entire cybersecurity environment while highlighting the best
solutions and strategies to close security gaps. For more information,
visit https://onyxia.io/.

About Silvertech Ventures:

Silvertech Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on helping
entrepreneurs grow their companies by respecting the role of the CEO,
helping with our network and experience, and most importantly, by being
there when needed. Other security investments by Silvertech Ventures
include Semperis, Reveal Security, and Firedome. Visit https://silvertechventures.com/ for more information.