OnePlus Nord Watch Specifications Revealed Prior to Launch


Prior to the wearable’s debut in the nation, OnePlus Nord Watch’s main specifications and schematics have been leaked by a tipster. The wearable is expected to have an AMOLED display, more than 100 fitness settings, and a battery life of up to ten days.

According to the schematics of the wearable, which are displayed in the marketing flyer provided by the Chinese company, it will have a rectangular shape and a spinning crown on the right bumper. This smartwatch will be the first item produced by the company to have the OnePlus “Nord” label. The OnePlus Nord Wired headphones marked the brand’s recent entry into the audio product market. Until recently, this trademark was solely connected to affordably priced OnePlus devices. Now let’s look at the features and price of the smartwatch.

OnePlus Nord Watch Specifications and Features (Expected)

According to a tweet from tipper Mukul Sharma, the OnePlus Nord Watch will have a 45.2mm AMOLED display with a 368×448 pixel resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The wearable is anticipated to include 105 workout modes in addition to functions for tracking the health of women. On a single charge, it might provide a battery life of up to 10 days. Not only that, a SpO2 tracker, an optical heart rate sensor, and a sleep tracker are expected to be included in the OnePlus Nord Watch, according to earlier sources. A companion software called the OnePlus N Health is rumoured to be included with the wearable, along with Bluetooth connectivity capability.

Numerous kinds and variations of the OnePlus Nord Watch are anticipated, including ones with both circular and rectangular dials. The round dial type is anticipated to come in three variations, each with a resolution of 240×240 pixels and 390×390 pixels. According to earlier reports, the OnePlus Nord Watch could be available in 240×280 and 368×448 pixel resolutions.

OnePlus Nord Watch Price in India (Rumoured)

The price of the OnePlus Nord Watch in India may be approximately Rs 5,000, according to a recent estimate. Black and White colour variants could be available.