objective c – iOS export of Unity-Vuforia project crashes on initialization



I’m currently working on an AR project for mobile using the Vuforia engine package in Unity.
The project works fine on the Unity Editor and when i export it to Android Studio.
However when i export it on XCode for iOS, Unity launches correctly but then i get an execution error message from Vuforia. see error screenshot

I currently use Unity 2020.3.29f1, Vuforia 10.12.3 and XCode 14.2, i do test the project on an Iphone 14 pro simulator with iOS 16. I have tried upgrading and downgrading Unity and Vuforia versions. I also have tried creating an new empty Unity project and adding the Vuforia package (so that Vuforia get’s initialized on start), none of that works. I know the problem comes from vuforia because i tried exporting an previous unity project of mine that doesn’t use Vuforia and it directly worked.

Thank you