Mavenir to offer 5G, Open RAN solutions via Google Cloud


Using Google, Anthos to deliver 5G services will help CSPs save money and reduce complexity, said Mavenir

Mavenir announced Friday plans to make its 5G solutions available on Google Cloud. The move will help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) deploy Mavenir’s cloud-native 5G products and apps using Google Cloud infrastructure and services with reduced levels of complexity and at lower costs, said the company. 

Mavenir indicated that its converged 5G packet core, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), messaging, orchestration, AI and telco analytics and Open RAN products will all be available through Google Cloud. Mavenir said that by offloading parts of the standard telecom application business to cloud functions using Google Cloud, CSPs can reduce operational complexity and costs while still maintaining insights, performance, and network control. 

Mavenir sees the availability of its Open RAN software through Google Cloud as a telecommunications industry disruptor, as it enables a multivendor, component-driven approach to RAN deployments rather than relying on a single vendor. 

“Validation of Mavenir’s Open RAN product in Google Cloud allows CSPs to deploy Mavenir’s 5G Open RAN products with Google Distributed Cloud Edge, global infrastructure and state-of-the-art unified container platform Anthos,” said Mavenir in a statement. “The fully containerized Distributed Units (DUs) and Central Units (CUs) software run on Google Distributed Cloud Edge, enabled by Anthos, and Mavenir’s Webscale Telco PaaS (Platform as a Service) to deliver ORAN-compliant RAN networks. Validation testing includes end-to-end UE calls with other simulated 5G network components. The critical DU components are incorporated with Google Distributed Cloud Edge’s new OS and RT kernel.”

Mavenir also figured centrally to VMware’s recent telco cloud-related announcements, made in the shadow of this week’s MWC Las Vegas event. VMware announced that its new Telco Cloud Platform 2.5 sports an expanding partner ecosystem of over 275 virtualized and containerized network functions (VNFs and CNFs) including Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core.

Ashok Khuntia, Mavenir’s president of core networks, said that Mavenir and VMware can help CSPs more quickly onboard and deploy network functions to help speed time-to-market and improve cost outlays.

“With Mavenir’s 5G Converged Packet Core certified through the VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program, we were able to quickly validate our CSAR package conformity as well as the steps for onboarding and lifecycle management of our network functions,” said Khuntia.

Earlier this week, Mavenir announced a series of made-in-India Open RAN solutions, supporting 2G through 5G. The company’s OpenBeam portfolio support includes options for massive MIMO, millimeter-wave spectrum and multi-band remote radio heads, with availability “across all frequency bands” and the ability to be used for public or enterprise, rural or urban setting, according to Mavenir. The vendor also touted the equipment’s low power consumption, low wind load and modular design.

“Our manufacturing partner network is very well positioned for the sustainable and rapid scaling of Open RAN volumes and made in India requirements. With these new production sites coming online, we have reached another important milestone in our strategy to expand and evolve the Open RAN ecosystem,” said Ramnik Kamo, Mavenir EVP, CIO and CPO.