LTE smartwatches aren’t for everyone, but some think they’re worth it



What you need to know

  • We polled our readers on whether or not LTE connectivity was a necessary feature when buying a smartwatch.
  • Of more than 3,200 votes, 50% say they are just fine using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi smartwatches.
  • Nearly 30% say it’s a nice feature to have but not a vital one for a smartwatch.

We recently polled our readers to ask them whether or not LTE connectivity was a must-have feature for a smartwatch. After all, an LTE-connected smartwatch can free you from your smartphone, allowing you to receive calls and messages, stream music, or nagivate from your wrist.

We received more than 3,200 votes, with 50% saying that they’re fine just relying on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Nearly 30% say that LTE connectivity is nice to have in certain scenarios, but it’s not a necessity. Finally, 21% of votes say that they absolutely need LTE connectivity on their smartwatches.

Poll responses on whether or not LTE is a must-have smartwatch feature

(Image credit: Android Central)

Godwin Stewart on Twitter feels like LTE on a smartwatch is unnecessary and redundant since we usually always have smartphones on us: