LILYGO Unveils the T-Embed ESP32-S3-Powered Universal Remote for Smart Home Projects and More


Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded electronics specialist LILYGO has announced the impending release of an all-in-one gadget designed to serve as a portable battery-powered remote control for the smart home and more: the LILYGO T-Embed.

Described by the company as an “IoT embedded panel for programmable development,” the LILYGO T-Embed, brought to our attention by CNX Software, is powered by an Espressif ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 module with two 32-bit Xtensa LX7 processor cores running at up to 240MHz, Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (BLE) radios with Bluetooth Mesh support, 16MB of QSPI flash, and 8MB of pseudo-static RAM (PSRAM) on top of the chip’s 512kB of true SRAM.

LILYGO’s latest product aims to sit in the palm of your hand for smart-home control and more. (📹: LILYGO)

So far, and the specifications match the company’s recently-launched T-SIMCAM, an edge-AI device designed for image and video capture and processing work — but the T-Embed has a very different task in mind. This time, the module is housed in a handheld casing with a compact full-color 1.9″ IPS TFT 320×170 display and a 1W speaker. To the right of the display is a one-button input at the center of a 24-detent rotary encoder, which includes a seven-LED RGB ring light for further user feedback.

Elsewhere in the housing are a pair of microphones, which could be used for wake-word detection and even voice control courtesy of the vector acceleration capabilities of the ESP32-S3, a connector for an optional battery, an eight-pin general-purpose input/output (GPIO) header plus a Grove connector for external hardware, a microSD slot for storage expansion, and a USB Type-C port for power and to charge the battery if fitted.

LILYGO hasn’t yet launched the project into general availability, but is taking pre-orders on its store at $29.80 — a temporary discount from a planned $33.04 retail price.