javascript – React Native: ‘click-through’ TouchableOpacity


I’m making an app in React Native and I’ve a view like this:

<View model={{backgroundColor: "black", width: "100%", peak: 70, place: "absolute", prime: 747, borderBottomColor: "#222222", borderBottomWidth: "1", paddingTop: 10, paddingBottom: 10}}>
    <View model={{place: 'absolute', backgroundColor: 'purple', width: '100%', peak: 70, opacity: 0.3}}>
         <WebView model={{maxHeight: 100, marginLeft: 320}} supply={{ uri: 'url' }} />

    <View model={{flex: 1, flexDirection: "row", alignItems: "heart", justifyContent: "space-between", maxHeight: 100, width: "100%", marginRight: 60, marginLeft: 20 }}>            
         <TouchableOpacity onClick={() => console.log("play")}>
             <Ionicons title="pause" measurement={32} shade={"white"} model={{marginLeft: 60}}/>

As you may see I’ve I primarily have a WebView and a TouchableOpacity aligned such that they’re on prime of eachother and the placement of the TouchableOpacity is instantly on prime of a button within the WebView. My query is that if it is potential to make a click on occasion on the TouchableOpacity ‘fall by’ in order that it is onClick perform is triggered, however the WebView additionally receives the press as regular. Can this performance be achieved in React Native? Thanks.