IRNAS and AVSystem Collaborate to Propagate The Future of IoT Solutions



IRNAS and AVSystem have announced their partnership today. Both companies have agreed to join forces to promote IoT solutions entrenched around Lightweight Machine to Machine protocol and Nordic Semiconductor chipsets. It is worth mentioning both companies are also official Nordic Semiconductors partners, establishing a solid and exciting technology triangle.

“IRNAS, with its complete consulting and development services of IoT solutions utilising the latest connectivity technologies, seem to be a natural partner for AVSystem. Our deep integration of Anjay LwM2M client with Zephyr RTOS provides enormous support for design houses, as they can massively reduce the amount of development time needed for building cloud communication functionality for a device. Together with the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, this is the quickest way to securely and reliably connect your device to the cloud and ensure its long-term management capabilities.”

Marcin Nagy, Product Director at AVSystem

The unique combination of in-house manufacturing and multi-disciplinary engineering experts with extensive experience in building devices with rapid prototyping methods allows IRNAS to build cost-effective and time-optimized IoT solutions. LwM2M enabled devices allow future service providers for constant and efficient remote application management and maintenance, reducing operational costs and increasing its efficiency.

“At IRNAS we are expanding our track record of technological partnerships. They help us stay on top of newcoming concepts and technologies, and provide the first line of support when necessary. We are working hard to make sure to provide a value for our partners as well. Partnership with the AVSystem allows IRNAS to deliver a better service when it comes to device deployments. IoT is at the stage where things are starting to scale into thousands, tens of thousands, or in some cases, cases,even over a hundred thousand devices. This is a different story now and deploying and then also be able to maintain systems like this is something we want to support. AVSystem makes this possible the way it hasn’t been before.”

Luka Banovic, Product and Partnership Manager at IRNAS

Both IRNAS and AVSystem are based in Europe but offer their’s products and services for the global market, implementing various connectivity solutions and integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies.

About IRNAS:
IRNAS is a custom hardware development company based in Maribor, Slovenia. Since 2011 IRNAS has grown into a visible, well-established design house in the fields of advanced IoT and wireless optical communication technology. IRNAS offers electronics engineering, firmware development, software development, prototyping and automated testing, as well as design for manufacturing and production management. With their constantly evolving in-house production capabilities IRNAS is making sure to remain one of the fastest design and prototyping houses in this part of the world. They are one of the few EU-based Nordic Semiconductor design partners, building specialized solutions with BLE and mobile connectivity. In the past two years IRNAS has also focused on becoming an expert in on-device Machine Learning integration. Their competence in this field has been propelled even further forward through development partnership with Edge Impulse.