ios – Xcodebuild throws ‘Write permissions error’ when construct with Jenkins CI throughout archive signing


Code :

def archive(xcode_path, archive_path):
    if os.path.exists(archive_path):






/usr/bin/python3 ../ci/


error: Certificates set up failed: Putting in a certificates within the keychain failed (Error Area=DVTSecErrorDomain Code=-61 “Write permissions error.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Write permissions error.}) (in goal ‘Unity-iPhone’ from mission ‘Unity-iPhone’)

error: No signing certificates “iOS Growth” discovered: No “iOS Growth” signing certificates matching crew ID “********” with a personal key was discovered. (in goal ‘Unity-iPhone’ from mission ‘Unity-iPhone’)

Contexts that I feel is said:

Xcode mission was constructed with unity2021.3.15.
Xcode mission provisioning profile is toggle with ‘Computerized’.
Machine model: macOS Ventura 13.0.
Xcode model: Model 14.1 (14B47b).

I even have 2 questions:

  1. Why is it throwing this error? My guess is that xcodebuild is making an attempt to replace system keychain, however the execution person does not have the authority.
  2. Why is it that I can execute this code from my terminal, however errors are thrown when execute from Jenkins script. Despite the fact that I examine with ‘whoami’ & ‘echo $USER’, the person that Jenkins used to execute this python script is similar with my terminal. If the customers are the identical one, Should not the consequence be precisely the identical?

Comply with up:
I do perceive that lots of people use handbook signing and do not have all these issues. However I do wish to use automated signing as a result of, why not? It needs to be as soon as executed at all times executed proper?

Large Thx in earlier

I attempted search through-out the web, however many solutions urged that I simply change to handbook signing.