ios – Why does flutterfire configure not replace my old GoogleService-Info.plist file?


When I first run flutterfire configure in my flutter app, 4 files were generated. firebase_options.dart, google-services.json, firebase_app_id_file.json and GoogleServices-Info.plist.

When I tried to use flutterfire configure again to link my app to a development version of my app (following this thread), I was only prompted to change 3 of the files like this:

The google-services.json file already exists but for a different Firebase project (betacentre-dev). Do you want to replace it with Firebase project thinking-digit-343408? · yes

After selecting yes for all of them, only GoogleService-Info.plist was unchanged, yet it is clearly crucial for firebase to work (since `flutterfire configure added it in the first place, and it is referenced in this guide and also this guide, and it contains identifiers for my firebase project).

Is this a bug? Why is it behaving this way?