ios – What specific odds for loot boxes are required to be compliant with Apple and Google app stores?


The Apple and Google app stores both have sections in their agreements that require developers to list the odds of items for Loot Boxes. However, they are unclear as to exactly what odds need to be listed.

For example, most games list the odds of acquiring different rarities of items: 80% Common, 15% Uncommon, 5% Rare. Is this sufficient, or does the developer have to list the odds of every possible item in each rarity category; every common item, every uncommon item, etc.?

Or as another example, if a sword were to give X of a type of item, would it have to breakdown the odds of each sub-item? If a loot box gives the player 5 Swords, and all swords are of equal rarity/functionality, is it sufficient to list 100% chance to acquire 5 swords? Or would the developer have to list the % chance of each sword, even if they are all identical?

Other games tend to just list overall item rarity, but in attempt to avoid any unexpected store approval failures, we want to play it safe. It would be ideal to not have to list every possible item and its odds.