ios – Tensorflow frameworks for simulator and device


I have been trying to generate a framework/xcframework that can run on both simulator and device. This is for tensorflow lite and I have been following these instructions:

bazel build --config=ios_fat -c opt --cxxopt=--std=c++17 \


If I use config=ios_fat, then I cannot build for simulator. If I use config=ios, I can build for simulator but not device.

I either get

/path/Module/Framework/VideoProcessing/VideoProcessing.xcodeproj Building for iOS, but the linked framework 'TensorFlowLiteC.framework' was built for iOS Simulator.


building for iOS Simulator, but linking in object file built for iOS, file 'path/Module/thirdparty/installdir/tensorflow_device/frameworks/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC' for architecture arm64

The second error does not say it was not built for simulator, but the architecture is incorrect.

I have tried to combine these frameworks with

xcodebuild -create-xcframework -framework tensorflow_device/frameworks/TensorFlowLiteC.framework -framework tensorflow_simulator/framework/TensorFlowLiteC.framework

but this gives

error: binaries with multiple platforms are not supported '/pathModule/thirdparty/installdir/tensorflow_device/frameworks/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC

I have also tried to combine the libs with

lipo -create tensorflow_device/frameworks/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC tensorflow_simulator/framework/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC -output tensorflow/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC

Which gives the error

fatal error: /Applications/ tensorflow_device/frameworks/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC and tensorflow_simulator/framework/TensorFlowLiteC.framework/TensorFlowLiteC have the same architectures (arm64) and can't be in the same fat output file

I can compile for iphone_simulator if I exclude arm64 as architecture. But I guess I will need that for device, so would be nice if there is a solution where I can just change target.