ios – react native simulator can not connect server on MAC



Could not connect to development server.

Ensure the following:

  • Node server is running and available on the same network – run ‘npm start’ from react-native root
  • Node server URL is correctly set in AppDelegate
  • WiFi is enabled and connected to the same network as the Node Server


__28-[RCTCxxBridge handleError:]_block_invoke
__CFRunLoopRun CFRunLoopRunSpecific GSEventRunModal
-[UIApplication _run] UIApplicationMain main start_sim 0x0

this error show in device simulator
Normally it work ,but today problem appear By without change my react native code

I npm start at react native root folder. Metro bundler is stuck at 99.4% when call from device simulator

My react-native. version is 0.61.2

I try solve it by many solution from google , but it not work yet.
please. suggest me