ios – Part in SafeArea and KeyboardAvoidingView has totally different positioning on Expo growth construct vs dwell App Retailer Testflight construct


(This can be the identical bug as my different submit right here however I feel I’ve remoted it to a extra particular query)

I’ve a display screen the place the elements are laid out like this:

SafeAreaView  // flex: 1
   KeyboardAvoidingView  // conduct="top", flex: 1, kids even have flex: 1
      Header  // mounted top, no flexGrow
      Swipeable  // This lets the person swipe the enter left or proper; set to flexGrow: 1 and kids have fashion flexGrow: 1
            TextInput  // multiline
      Footer  // mounted top, no flexGrow

In any growth construct (on my telephone or on my pc’s iOS simulator), the Footer (blue horizontal part) reveals up flush towards the highest of the keyboard, which is what I need:

enter image description here

Nevertheless, once I create a construct utilizing eas construct for the App Retailer, distribute my app by means of Testflight, and open that Testflight app on my telephone (so identical machine that runs the event construct above simply advantageous), I see this, with the Footer floating a sure variety of pixels above the highest of the keyboard:

enter image description here

The quantity of mysterious spacing nearly seems like the identical shift up that SafeArea would create if the Footer have been on the backside of the display screen with the keyboard hidden, however I do not know if that is a coincidence. Notice that the area beneath the Footer is a continuation of the white area above the Footer – the Footer is floating on high of it.

What would trigger this distinction in conduct between the event builds and the manufacturing App Retailer construct?