ios – Missing required modules: Target requires local dynamic Swift package that requires 3rd party static Swfit package


I have a number of targets that require a dynamic library via a local Swift Package (AppState), that requires another dynamic library via a local Swift Package (NotificationService). That library requires a 3rd party static library via SPM dependency (FirebaseMessaging).

- AppState (local dynamic SP)
  - NotificationCenter (local dynamic SP)
    - FirebaseMessaging (static lib)

I get the following error:

Missing required modules: 'FirebaseCore', 'FirebaseMessaging'

I know that I have to setup some search paths for it to work, but I don’t understand which paths (Framework Search Paths, Header Search Paths, Library Search Paths, Import Paths) and to what value.

I’ve read somewhere about providing a path to some modulemap, but it looks like Swift Packages don’t have any (or I haven’t found them).

Thank you for your help.