ios – Mac. get container folder identify for my utility


I’ve Mac mini m1 (Apple Silicon)

I create unity ios utility.
Use command xcodebuild -project Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj -scheme Unity-iPhone -sdk iphoneos -configuration Launch -archivePath Unity-iPhone.xcarchive clear archive I created archive.
Use command xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath Unity-iPhone.xcarchive -exportOptionsPlist information.plist -destination 'platform=macOS,arch=arm64,variant=Designed for iPad' -exportPath "$2" I created .ipa file.

I set up .ipa and run utility.
The appliance begins accumulating knowledge and saves it to a folder /Customers/andrey/Library/Containers/B3334264-B51C-4E1A-8F1A-F0EF9C9FA84C/Knowledge/Paperwork

After that, I’ve to go to this folder and replica the info, however I do not know easy methods to robotically get the trail to this folder.

All of the instructions I’ve tried return the BundleID сom.MyCompaty.MyApplicationName to me, however not B3334264-B51C-4E1A-8F1A-F0EF9C9FA84C