ios – I have to run my app in simulator nevertheless it’s not working, additionally it is working in actual system


The one downside is i’m not in a position to run app in simulator ( work advantageous in actual system )
**and likewise giving this errors **

Undefined image: _AgoraVideoBitrateStandard

Undefined image: _AgoraVideoDimension3840x2160

Undefined image: _AgoraVideoDimension640x480

Undefined image: OBJC_CLASS$_AgoraRtcEngineConfig

Undefined image: OBJC_CLASS$_AgoraRtcEngineKit

Undefined image: OBJC_CLASS$_AgoraRtcVideoCanvas

Undefined image: OBJC_CLASS$_AgoraVideoEncoderConfiguration

Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

**I attempt to take away and add pods and plenty of factor however no something working for me **