ios – how to fetch data from nested array from API in SwiftUI?


this is my API

this is my Model

import Foundation

public struct Welcome: Decodable{
    public let userslist: [Userslist]


public struct Userslist: Decodable, Hashable{

    public let partner_media: [PartnerMedia]

    public init( partner_media: [PartnerMedia]) {

        self.partner_media = partner_media

public struct PartnerMedia: Decodable , Hashable{
    public var id = UUID()
    public let url: String

    public init( url: String) {

        self.url = url

And this is my ModelView.

class PublisherModelVM: ObservableObject {
    @Published var datas = [PartnerMedia]()
    let url = ""
    init() {
        getData(url: url)
    func getData(url: String) {
        guard let url = URL(string: url) else { return }
        URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: url) { (data, _, _) in
            if let data = data {
                do {
                    let results = try JSONDecoder().decode(Welcome.self, from: data)
                    DispatchQueue.main.async {

                        self.datas = results.url `//Cannot assign value of type '[Userslist]' to type '[PartnerMedia]'`

                catch {

I want to fetch the url And set to the ImageView

struct PublisherListView: View{
    @StateObject var list = PublisherModelVM()
    var body: some View{
        ScrollView(.horizontal,showsIndicators: false){

                ForEach(list.datas, id: \.id){ item in
                    AsyncImage(url: URL(string: item.url)){image in
                            .frame(width: 235, height: 125).cornerRadius(8)
                    }placeholder: {
                            Image(systemName: "eye") .resizable()
                                .frame(width: 235, height: 125).cornerRadius(8)

this Error show in my Xcode Cannot assign value of type ‘[Userslist]’
to type ‘[PartnerMedia]’

Please help me.
can anyone help me for recommending for API related full detailed
courses and thank you in advance