ios – How one can place the cursor at the place I tapped in a SwiftUI TextField with out shifting to the ends of a token


Associated key phrases: boundary evaluation, phrase boundaries, tokenize, segmentation

enter image description here

I do know most applications these days use the ICU software to resolve textual content boundaries, or to tokenize a sentence into phrase tokens, or because the so-called segmenter.

I am questioning if the TextField or UITextField helps disabling the tokenizing conduct.

Mainly, I need the cursor to be positioned precisely at the place I tapped, not the start or the top of the token. Within the display recording GIF above, I need the cursor to be on the center of the digits (coordinates) after I faucet it.

Is it doable to disable the tokenizing conduct in SwiftUI? Or is there a greater technique to phrase this drawback? Did a little bit of search however can not discover something associated to Apple/Swift.