ios – How can I copy electronic mail from my iPhone when it is offline


I actually tousled. My important electronic mail account is a Gmail occasion operated by my College as a profit for alumni. Within the strategy of cleansing out the 20,000 mail message “Archived” into the “All Mail” folder by my numerous iOS gadgets I ended up deleting the mail from my “Despatched Mail” mailbox and all of the outdated mail I nonetheless had in my INBOX. I’ve already contacted my College electronic mail group asking if they’ll restore deleted electronic mail however I am not holding my breath.

What I’ve now’s an iPhone related to this similar Gmail account that has a cached copy of each the INBOX and the “Despatched Mail” from earlier than I tousled. So I put it in AirPlane mode and launched Mail. Certain sufficient the messages are there and never simply the headers, each message I clicked on had the complete textual content, however most likely not the attachments. As quickly as I take this telephone out of Airplane mode and connect with the server issues will sync and the messages will go poof! I watched it occur on my iPad.

So I am attempting to repeat the 200-300 messages in these two mailboxes to a secure location in order that I can then reconnect to the server after which restore (re-copy) them to their rightful residence. The issue is that with the telephone in Airplane mode it’s going to let me edit the mailbox, choose all of the messages after which transfer them to a different electronic mail account/mailbox, however nothing truly occurs as a result of the telephone is in Airplane mode (offline).

I’ve tried turning off mail for the issue account after which turning off airplane mode to permit my different electronic mail accounts again on-line considering they could sync the offline transfer. That does not occur and once I do this iOS hides the mailboxes for the problematic and now disabled mail account. So I am unable to transfer the messages in that mode, since I am unable to see them.

Is there some solution to export the mail or mailboxes to native storage on the iPhone such that I might then get issues again on-line after which re-import them? Is there utility or utility that I might use which may assist? Consider, the issue gmail account can not contact the community or talk with the Gmail server or the messages I am attempting to save lots of go poof.