Introducing Qubitro for Startups Program


At Qubitro, we look across the landscape and observe growth in startup solutions, from environmental monitoring to micro-mobility and asset tracking to consumer-facing applications. IoT devices drive solutions with massive data, not simple motion sensors. Despite the immediate thinking of turning on lights or basic dashboards, we see more real-life solutions worldwide, mostly thanks to new builders.

Startups crave focus, but there’s a ton of noise to contend with. The complexity of cloud infrastructure, initial development cost, and lack of expertise are a few to name it. Today, we’re excited to launch Qubitro for Startups and the Partner perk program to help startups overcome these problems.

Quibitro for startups

The program offers:

  • Free platform credits combined with an Enterprise plan
  • Free, 1:1 technical support on Slack
  • Co-marketing activities for global reach

The program also includes exclusive deals from partners like RakwirelessLoriotToit, and more.

Why startups choose Qubitro

  • Qubitro covers the largest portion of the cloud infrastructure. Consuming, processing, and activating the device data is possible with no code integrations and low-cod APIs. Six months of work is reduced to days or hours.
  • Qubitro continuously develops features and adapts to common needs. As a device data platform, Qubitro is not stuck on use cases and can activate device data in any use case developed for different solutions.
  • Least expensive platform. It is also %100 free to work with Qubitro for 2 devices; not even a credit card is asked for. The pay-as-you-Connect business model makes Qubitro unique in the entire market.

“Qubitro offers the easiest integration with LoRaWAN® servers with just a few clicks. IO-dit users spend their time on what really matters, thanks to Qubitro,” said Fernando Carrasco Co-Founder, IO-dit.

The perfect trio— Hardware, Connectivity & Data Platform

Building a data-driven solution is not an easy task and requires three components matched perfectly for the needs of the solution.

We see early-stage companies doing necessary work without traditional sources of funding. Still, the initial cost of support and hardware is a challenge, especially at the MVP stage.

To help all early-stage companies access the support and tools they need, we’re kicking off the program with a complementary program called ‘Partner Perk program’ for Qubitro for Startups members.

With discounts, technical support, and co-sell opportunities, we create the perfect trio for any device data-driven, smart application, no matter what path you follow.

Rak Wireless

Four pilot companies who support the program:

More companies are joining, and we’re glad to connect you with whomever you’d like to meet and try their products.

Looking forward to seeing a specific company? Let us know!

Getting started

If you’re new to Qubitro or an existing Qubitro customer that meets the program’s eligibility requirements, you can apply online and get started immediately.

Are you an accelerator, incubator, co-working space, or venture capital fund? We’d love to work together to unlock even larger offers for your startups. Apply here to join the Qubitro for Startup’s network.