html – Cease Chrome iOS auto-detecting numbers adopted by letter “m” as metre models, and including an underline to auto-convert the unit to different lengths


Chrome for iOS is detecting a quantity instantly adopted by the letter “m” as a metres size unit, and it provides a dotted underline to it which when tapped affords a unit conversion function.

Ideally I wish to disable this function for sure components of textual content. If that isn’t doable, disabling it for the entire doc can be an OK compromise. A HTML or CSS resolution is requested.

The answer should be A11y pleasant (so no substitute characters) and never use JS. I’m unable to edit the textual content, or change the “m“ on the finish of the quantity, so no solutions that require a change in markup of the textual content itself. A change in markup to tags across the textual content can be acceptable.

See photographs connected for additional particulars of the UI of the function, you may discover the auto-generated dotted underlines on numbers adopted by a letter “m”. Tapping any of these numbers ends in seeing the unit conversion function seem.

Chrome iOS auto-detecting numbers followed by the letter M as a unit of length in metres

Chrome iOS's auto-detected unit conversion feature UI

I can’t discover any documentation about this function, I can’t even discover the function identify. Looking Chrome’s dev weblog yielded no helpful outcomes for me both, so if anybody can present hyperlinks to any articles about this function or official documentation for it, that may be very appreciated too.

This is the uncooked HTML:

<div class="cell-text">
  <h5>5m tpy</h5>
  <p>Direct diminished iron manufacturing capability</p>
  <p>Metal Professionals</p>
  <p>Complete investments</p>
  <p>Metal grades</p>
  <p>Invested in CSR initiatives</p>