HR And the Law


Your employees are your most valuable assets and should be protected as such. State, local, federal, international, union, and many other groups and agencies issue regulations, laws, and “suggestions” about how companies take care of their employees. The wider your work area, the more states, counties, and cities where your company bids and works, the more complex your HR (human resources) department’s job.

Governing work hours, benefits, compensation, time off, and other areas of employment laws at federal, state, and local levels demand in-depth knowledge of changes that affect these laws. When small differences in laws change from year to year they can be neglected and that is when massive HR policy blunders can happen. This, in turn, leads to expensive lawsuits filed on behalf of workers who believe their issues haven’t been addressed or have been handled improperly.

How do you navigate employment and labor law when they remain in constant flux? The answer lies in frequently reviewing employment law compliance procedures, utilizing compliance software, and frequently updating your employee handbook, policies, and training programs.

National and multinational corporations might have a staff of lawyers assisting the HR folks but that’s not feasible for most construction companies with limited resources. However, there are online sources of information that can lead HR executives to making better decisions and asking better questions of their employees. One new Web-based platform, VirgilHR, claims to put realtime, automated employment and labor law guidance at the HR team’s fingertips.

VirgilHR’s SaaS platform hosts a proprietary database of employment and labor law requirements that helps HR professionals manage the compliance of employment decisions, including leave requests, final wages, and termination. HR team members can access real-time, prescriptive guidance across federal, state, and local employment and labor laws via the online self-service application.

As part of the product launch, HR professionals are eligible for a 30-day free trial of VirgilHR with access to all employment modules and all features including:

  • The VirgilHR chatbot. Built on smart, automation technology, it provides legal guidance on labor and employment law queries in the moment, no research required.
  • Educational content, developed by experienced labor and employment attorneys
  • Policy templates that cover the newest labor and employment laws released across the country, to supplement employee handbooks.

The need to comply with thousands of ever-evolving federal, state, and local employment and labor laws brings several challenges to the company. As a result, employers end up spending excessive time and money to track the current compliance requirements and (sometimes) get exposed to high levels of risk and liability – ultimately leading to exorbitant legal costs, organized labor, and legal settlements. Finding the data, the rules and regulations that impact your HR department and the company’s goals, can make things easier. Just remember, no online sources can act as your attorney, they just give you data to work with.

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