How To Begin Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC


The Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has been publicly launched. For its $40 worth, gamers get to leap into an entire new space with extra weapons, bosses and secrets and techniques to uncover. But it surely’s a bit sophisticated to get into the DLC when you’re within the sport, so here is the best way to begin Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

First, you will have to buy Shadow of the Erdtree on your platform (PC, XBox Sequence X/S, PS5) and set up it, after all. However you do not entry the DLC via the primary menu — as a substitute, you will want to achieve a particular space and defeat two non-compulsory bosses to earn the suitable to get into the DLC. 

We’ll clarify intimately beneath, however the TL;DR to entry the DLC is: defeat Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood, then within the Mohgwyn Palace enviornment the place you’ve got defeated the latter, contact the withered arm hanging out of the egg. Growth, you’ve got made it to the DLC.

However earlier than you soar into Shadow of the Erdtree, be sure to’re ready. Early critiques of the DLC have famous its problem, even above the bottom sport — which is nice for gamers longing for a problem, however you will wish to be ready. 

First, FromSoftware recommends gamers have their characters attain degree 120-150 earlier than trying the DLC. Throughout our preview, we got pre-made degree 150 characters with fully-upgraded weapons, and we had been nonetheless challenged. 

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Talking of weapon upgrades, you will wish to enhance your greatest weapons as excessive as they’ll go earlier than delving into the Land of Shadow within the DLC. To try this, you will want common and somber smithing stones — be sure that to get or purchase sufficient by securing all of the miner’s bell bearings that help you purchase smithing and somber stones round Elden Ring. It is a good suggestion to top off on smithing stones, since you will wish to improve a number of the over 100 new weapons you will discover within the DLC.

And if it has been awhile since you’ve got put down Elden Ring, you would possibly wish to re-familiarize your self with the sport’s fight, weapons, objects, talismans, armor and builds. Assuming you are completely prepared, here is the best way to get to the DLC. 

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A sorcerer in the foreground summons a flaming ball exploding in front of a tall troll enemy. A sorcerer in the foreground summons a flaming ball exploding in front of a tall troll enemy.


Learn how to entry the Elden Ring DLC

As talked about above, you’ll be able to’t simply entry the DLC from the menu — you will want to search out it inside the sport. Earlier than you try this, you will have to defeat two bosses: Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Starscourge Radahn could be discovered earlier within the sport within the space of Caelid, simply east of the beginning zone of Limgrave. You will have to journey to the southeast fringe of Caelid and transfer via Redmane Fort. You will have to activate any Altus Plateau web site of grace or progress Ranni’s questline far sufficient to talk with its related non-player characters, in response to Fextralife, to make sure that the fortress is throwing its Radahn Pageant inviting fighters to problem Radahn — together with you, Tarnished. Head previous the gathered NPCs and discuss to Jerren, then go up the chapel and take the elevate all the way down to the waygate teleporter.

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Mohg, Lord of Blood is trickier to search out, and is positioned a lot farther into the sport. The simplest technique to get to Mohgwyn Palace, the place Mohg resides, is to comply with the NPC White Masks Varre‘s sidequest, which entails both taking part in player-versus-player fight and invading a number of different gamers’ video games or defeating an NPC. Ending the hunt provides you an merchandise, the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which you should utilize to be taken to Mohgwyn Palace.

In case you’re PvP-averse, the opposite technique to Mohgwyn Palace is a waygate teleporter within the Consecrated Snowfields space, which itself is positioned far into the sport after you’ve got positioned each halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and offered it on the Grand Carry of Rold. The teleporter to Mohgwyn palace is positioned on the western fringe of the Consecrated Snowfields space. Go searching for Lesser Runebears and, when you attain the place the place you are  invaded by a Sanguine Noble NPC, head west and down from there. 

When you attain Mohgwyn’s palace, you will have to make your means across the swamps, dodging some nasty summoned big skeletons, and up the mausoleum. You will should defeat or sprint via a horde of gradual zombies that die with a blood explosion, then navigate a darkish tunnel with extra nasty Sanguine Noble enemies showing. Lastly, you will attain a elevate that takes you to Mohg’s boss enviornment. Defeat him and method the cocoon with the drooping arm, which belongs to the physique of Miquella, who left his flesh behind when touring to the Land of Shadow. Contact the arm and also you’re off to the DLC.

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