Hasbro Reveals New Indiana Jones Toy so You Can Raid the Lost Ark


You’ve got the hat. You’ve got the whip. All your Indiana Jones costume needs now is that most crucial prop: the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra.

The new collectible from Hasbro is based on the ancient artifact that guides Indy and friends in 1981 classic Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hasbro is billing it as the first in a line called the Indiana Jones Adventure Series, following a deal between Hasbro and Lucasfilm in January (just in time for Harrison Ford’s return to the role in Indiana Jones 5, whipping into theaters June 23).

The new toy was revealed Saturday at Hasbro PulseCon 2022. It will costs $50.99 and it’ll be available in spring 2023, but your can pre-order today on Hasbro Pulse in the US, Canada, and select European markets. You can also order it from Amazon, GameStop, Entertainment Earth, Dorkside Toys and BigBadToyStore.

Other brands on show at PulseCon include Star Wars, Marvel, GI Joe, Magic: The Gathering, Transformers, Power Rangers and Fortnite. 

The box for the The Headpiece of the Staff of Ra, the latest Indiana Jones toy from Hasbro.

The box for the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra from Hasbro.


In the film, the Staff of Ra was a stick that revealed the Ark of the Covenant’s location when the sun hit the headpiece’s central jewel at a certain time. The toy version features a light-up jewel and a small stand that slots into a display base similar to the chamber seen in the movie. 

Indiana Jones uses the Staff of Ra and headpiece to seek the location of the lost Ark.

Indiana Jones uses the Staff of Ra and headpiece to seek the location of the lost Ark.

CBS via Getty Images

The headpiece was a crucial MacGuffin in the film: Indy’s hunt for the talisman forced him to seek out his former lover Marion, arriving at her snowbound bar at the same time as evil Nazis also burning to get their hands on the hot item. The text on the headpiece specified the length of the Staff of Ra. Happily, the toy includes the writing on both sides, so you won’t end up digging in the wrong place.

What’s next in the Indiana Jones series, we wonder? Some monkey brains? The cup of a carpenter? (“He chose… poorly.”)