Google Pixel Tablet Expected Features


Google announced in May 2022 that a new Android tablet would soon be available on the market. This model is thought to be the Pixel Tablet, but before it is officially announced, a leak disclosed some important information about it.

For the uninitiated, the Search Engine behemoth has officially announced that the tablet will debut sometime in 2023. However, fresh rumours and stories about this tablet continue to circulate. Developer Kuba Wojciechowski claims that it has entered the EVT phase (engineering validation test). In essence, the EVT phase indicates that the tablet has passed the prototype stage and that the manufacturer is working to finalise the product.

This applies to its internal specifications, design, and other factors as well. Wojciechowski continued by saying that the company has sent some Pixel Tablets to India for EVT and certification requirements. Kuba disclosed that there would be two storage options for the Pixel Tablet, namely a 128GB and 256GB internal storage type, even though the tablet is currently a secret. Uncertainty exists on whether the RAM in these two alternatives would vary as well.

Google Pixel Tablet Specifications

The Pixel Tablet will also include a big 10.95-inch display with Wi-Fi 6 standards. Additionally, he claimed to have seen Google’s first third-party USI 2.0 stylus for the Pixel tablet, which isn’t entirely unexpected given that the tablet has previously been approved for USI. The device is thought to be powered by Google’s first-generation Tensor SoC, although the creator only provided that one piece of information. Keep checking back for further developments.

Google Pixel C Tablet Specifications

Google released its Pixel C tablet in September 2015. The tablet has a 10.20-inch display with an 1800×2560-pixel resolution and a 308 pixel-per-inch pixel density (ppi). The Google Pixel C is powered by an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor with eight cores. It has 3GB of RAM installed. In terms of cameras, the Google Pixel C has an 8MP camera on the back. It has a 2MP front-facing camera for taking selfies. The Google Pixel C has 32GB of internal storage and runs Marshmallow, which is based on Android 6.0. A single SIM tablet is the Google Pixel C. The Google Pixel C weighs 517 grams and has dimensions of 179.00 x 242.00 x 7.00mm (height x width x thickness).