Get elite identity theft protection from a top-rated provider


Prevent cybercriminals from stealing your identity by acting on this great deal for IDX, which will monitor the Dark Web, your social media accounts and more for suspicious activity and help you recover your identity, if needed.

Computer with an IDX dashboard.
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Identity theft is one of the most common scams and cybersecurity threats. Millions of Americans have had personal information exposed by a data breach, which can have far-reaching consequences.

If you’re concerned about your personal information leaking online, you can take an extra step to protect your identity with IDX Identity Essentials.

IDX Identity is built on the most secure platform on the web and is backed by a recovery guarantee and a promise to never sell your personal information. Its proprietary surveillance technology works constantly, scanning thousands of data points per second to find if your data has been leaked online. When any suspicious activity occurs, you’ll get email and mobile notifications as well as expert guidance to recover your information and ensure it doesn’t stay in the wrong hands.

You’ll also get alerts when fraudulent or inappropriate activities are connected with your social media profiles, in-depth reports to your credit security, and password monitoring to let you know if they have been compromised on the Dark Web.

Built on leading encryption and security technologies, IDX covers 40 million people worldwide and has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. IDX’s U.S.-based team of experts and recovery experts is FCRA and HIPAA-certified. And, IDX offers a 100% recovery guarantee until your identity is 100% restored or your money back.

Get elite identity protection from IDX Identity Essentials. Right now, you can get an Individual Plan for 33% off $119 at just $79.

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