Free Technology for Teachers: An October Video Project


Halloween is thirty days away. My kids have been planning their costumes since last November or so it seems because they’re very excited about it. Last fall I shared a list of Halloween-themed activities and resources. In that list I included playing a Halloween safety review game from Kahoot. Keeping with the idea of Halloween safety, consider having students create a short video about trick o’ treat safety. 

There are a lot of tools and ways that student could create a short video about trick o’ treating safety. They could make a quick one-take video in Microsoft Flip in which they share a Halloween safety tip. Another option is to use Adobe Express to make a little audio slideshow about Halloween safety. And my favorite option would be to use Canva’s video editor to make a little animated video about Halloween safety. 

Applications for Education

Making Halloween safety videos could be a good way for elementary school students to show what they know about being safe on this fun day. Creating Halloween safety videos could also be a good exercise for middle school and high school students to do to practice video editing skills while creating PSA-style videos for younger kids.