FLYMOTION deploys to Ft Myers – sUAS News – The Business of Drones


FLYMOTION a Tampa tech company has teams with cutting-edge technology that have been deployed to Lee County FL, providing rescue assistance for the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Ian. 

On 28 September, Florida’s east coast was destroyed by one of the most powerful storms in history to make landfall in Florida. Rescue operations are underway, but excess debris, life-threatening hazards, and washed-out roadways are making it difficult for ground teams to quickly locate and assist survivors. 

To lead the rescue response, drone and robotics teams are being brought in to collect valuable data across the air and ground, helping to quickly locate stranded victims and provide critical real-time assessments in emergency responses. FLYMOTION is leading an effort with teams deploying around Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Bonita Beach, and the surrounding areas. FLYMOTION was requested to deploy given the robust capabilities of advanced technologies they posses to include drones, robotics, satellite communications, mobile command centers and a fully self-contained 45 foot coach with lodging for their teams. 

Hurricane Ian is one of the most powerful storms that Florida has seen in years, and the extent of his destruction is yet to be determined. This tragedy hits home to the FLYMOTION team, with the eye of the hurricane making landfall less than 150 miles from their US headquarters. 

“Experiencing such destruction so close to home is a humbling experience, to say the least,” said FLYMOTION CEO Ryan English. “On Monday, we were expecting the eye to make landfall in right in our backyard, Tampa.” 

While deployed in Ft. Myers, the FLYMOTION team has seen an incredible effort, both by the community and first responders, to provide rescue efforts throughput the Lee County area. “In the midst of such loss, seeing the community pull together and receiving such an outpouring of support from around the state and country is powerful. We are here and we are glad that we are able to support our fellow Floridians in an impactful way,” said FLYMOTION’s Director of Business Operations, Bryce Cline. 

The current team is set for a multi-day deployment with the potential to extend operations indefinitely, depending on the extent of the destruction. FLYMOTION’s rescue operations are underway as they work alongside emergency responders in the Lee county area, supporting the community and supporting those who serve.