Executing command-line instantly from Xcode — Erica Sadun


I received pulled into a type of conversations the place I find yourself saying, “High quality, I’ll put up a publish about it” and that is the publish. Sure, you can take a look at and run command-line apps instantly from Xcode however I just about by no means do. It’s a ache with few advantages. That stated, right here’s the way you do it.


Let’s say you want arguments. Open your scheme (⌘<) and choose the Run > Arguments tab. Add the arguments you wish to move on launch one after the other. Double-click to edit any argument:

The arguments are vended byCommandLine.arguments. Both rely the array or use CommandLine.argc to learn the way many arguments you’re coping with.


Counter-intuitively, Xcode doesn’t robotically quote the arguments for you. This produces 5 arguments, not three, or six if you happen to embody the command itself:

["/Users/ericasadun/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Test-gwehknnihlcsiucsovtbnlrdtfun/Build/Products/Debug/Test", "first", "second", "third", "fourth", "fifth"]

And what do you anticipate from the next?

You get this if you happen to run instantly in Xcode’s console:

["/Users/ericasadun/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Test-gwehknnihlcsiucsovtbnlrdtfun/Build/Products/Debug/Test", "first", "several items at once", "third"]
Program ended with exit code: 0

However if you happen to set your code to execute utilizing Terminal:

Launching: '/Customers/ericasadun/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Check-gwehknnihlcsiucsovtbnlrdtfun/Construct/Merchandise/Debug/Check'
Working listing: '/Customers/ericasadun/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Check-gwehknnihlcsiucsovtbnlrdtfun/Construct/Merchandise/Debug'
3 arguments:
argv[0] = '/Customers/ericasadun/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Check-gwehknnihlcsiucsovtbnlrdtfun/Construct/Merchandise/Debug/Check'
argv[1] = 'first'
argv[2] = 'a number of'
["/Users/ericasadun/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Test-gwehknnihlcsiucsovtbnlrdtfun/Build/Products/Debug/Test", "first", "several"]

Xcode’s Loopy Terminal Possibility

For those who’re operating something with direct key enter (utilizing POSIX termios/uncooked mode) or curses, operating within the console doesn’t work. So Xcode offers a method to run these utilities within the terminal. Go to Run > Choices and scroll all the way in which down.

This characteristic is buggy as hell, produces ridiculous quantities of extra textual content (see this), can take a big time to launch, and much more time for Xcode to appreciate the method has completed. It’s unimaginable to make use of with paths that use areas (“warning: working listing would not exist: '/Volumes/Kiku/Xcode/Derived'“).

I don’t prefer it. I don’t use it. However it exists.

Sane Command-Line Execution

Until you’re coping with issues like automation and such, you may check out your compiled command-line apps by dragging your executable from the Merchandise group onto the terminal. This locations the trail to your construct on the immediate. Sort out your arguments and press return:

Nonetheless, I want to make use of a Copy File construct section. Choose your Goal > Construct Phases, click on plus (+) and add the executable. (I take advantage of absolute path and disable “solely when putting in”.) This allows you to set up on to  normal places like /usr/native/bin or ~/bin, or if you happen to don’t wish to place it there till it’s secure and prepared for deployment, you need to use a improvement folder:

Assuming your vacation spot is in your shell’s path, begin a brand new shell for the executable to be picked up the primary time. After that, you may compile and run as you want.