Ericsson, Tele2 to deploy private 5G at Swedish boat factory


The deployment supports X Shore’s mission of becoming the ‘world’s most sustainable and efficient boat factory’

Ericsson announced that Tele2 is using its private 5G network portfolio at X Shore’s electric boat factory in Nyköping, Sweden to help the manufacturer achiever higher efficiency and sustainability.

“Our goal is to ensure sustainable and efficient operations at all levels, from our working environment to production and product development, while reducing our environmental impact through the adoption of smart industry 4.0 solutions,” commented Elias Wästberg, head of industrialization at X Shore Industries 1.

Tele2 said its 5G services will help X Shore wirelessly connect, measure, maintain and control various phases of production. To achieve this goal, the carrier is providing the boat manufacturer with Ericsson’s private 5G network solution, which will be used in combination with the vendor’s 4G/5G radio portfolio and dual-mode core technology to enable more flexible modular manufacturing and logistics.

Specifically, the deployment, according to the companies, will allow X Shore to adjust to production level demands and shorten the time needed to modify the production line.

“This is a great example of how our 5G solutions provide sustainable and commercial benefits to our customers,” Jenny Lindqvist, head of Northern and Central Europe at Ericsson, said of its work with Tele2. “This is enabling X Shore to add flexibility and enhanced control over the production processes while lowering costs and reducing the climate impact.”

Private cellular networks — whether running one 4G LTE or 5G — provide entities like enterprises, schools and hospitals with bespoke wireless networks and services. While the establishment of these private networks had somewhat of a slower start than many expected, recent reporting indicates that there has been notable movement over that past year or so. The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), for instance, found that as of June 2022, at least 794 organizations in 68 countries and territories are deploying private mobile networks based on LTE or 5G technologies. When compared to January of the same year, when the GSA found only 311 private mobile network deployments in existence, it’s becomes clear that the pace of deployment is ramping up.