dns – URI works for him; returns 404 for me


https://mewe.com/wesgroleau is a 404 in FireFox, DuckDuckGo, Safari, and Courageous on MacOS 14.5. I’ve no different browsers. If I pull it with wget and examine the HTML, there are not any variations.

I’ve made only a few settings modifications to FireFox and none to Courageous.

One of many help techs at MeWe.com says it really works for him on each browser he tried.

Might it’s a routing challenge? Or a number of servers with one having issues? traceroute tells me
traceroute: Warning: mewe.com has a number of addresses; utilizing

Is there a method to forestall the Macbook from utilizing that individual IP? How do I discover what a few of the different addresses are?