Disruptive Technologies’ Unintrusive Desk Occupancy Sensors


Desk occupancy monitoring has become an essential tool for modern businesses, helping with space optimization, building and maintenance services, health and safety, and compliance. Monitoring has always carried a number of concerns around cost, technical integration, and most importantly, privacy and worker rights. Disruptive Technologies (DT) new sensor eliminates those concerns.

DT is known for its world’s smallest wireless sensors, and the new Desk Occupancy Sensor is an addition to these core sensors. Features include tiny size, adhesive backing, long battery life, ease of use, installation, and integration. The discreet sensor is easily placed under each desk and accurately records the occupancy status of each desk or table. This is done without identifying the individual or the use of cameras, ensuring total privacy for occupants.

The Desk Occupancy Sensor joins DT’s comprehensive sensor suite, which includes temperature, touch, proximity, water, humidity, CO2, and motion sensors. The sensor solution is the easiest to use, is affordable, and provides sophisticated data to solve real operational challenges in Corporate and Commercial Real Estate. These data points are needed to increase operational efficiency and optimize overall health, well-being, and productivity for all occupants.

“Desk occupancy monitoring is critical for efficient resource management,” explains Bengt Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies. “Our new sensor is easily installed without the need for invasive infrastructural changes nor does it take up valuable space. It provides real-time data on workspaces while respecting the privacy of your workforce, helping workplace and facilities managers maximize services and resources.”

Typically, the data is used by an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) which will help workplaces optimize:

  • Facilities management & maintenance
  • Capital project management
  • Real estate lifecycle management
  • Resource management

Together with their partners, DT helps make environmental monitoring, space occupancy, property damage protection, feedback and service, cleaning, energy management, safe water, and cold monitoring more cost-efficient, sustainable, and safe.

With home offices, flex space, hybrid work, employers and service providers have no idea how much space is actually being used or is needed. The new Disruptive Technologies (DT) Desk Occupancy Sensor offers an affordable solution. Now, offices and buildings can be monitored remotely and services can be optimized without intruding on occupants’ privacy thanks to this tiny, easy-to-install sensor with an eight-year battery life.

The new Disruptive Technologies wireless Desk Occupancy sensor is launched and available here.

About Disruptive Technologies: Disruptive Technologies (DT) is a Norwegian tech company and the award-winning developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and IoT infrastructure. With a growing team of 40 and more than 100,000 DT sensors installed globally, DT’s data is enabling more efficient and affordable facilities management, while making buildings safe, smart, and sustainable. Learn more at disruptive-technologies.com.