Delhi Users Get Best Mobile and Fixed Broadband Download Experience: Ookla



Users in New Delhi, the capital city of India, are getting the fastest median download speeds on their mobiles and fixed broadband connections. The mobile network service providers and internet service providers (ISPs) in Delhi are doing something right and better than what they are doing in the rest of the nation to deliver the fastest speeds in the capital city. The data comes from network insights and intelligence company Ookla. According to the Median Speeds September 2022 data published by Ookla, among the Indian cities, Delhi offered the fastest median mobile download and fixed broadband speeds to consumers.

Users in New Delhi got a median download speed of 14.99 Mbps and a median fixed broadband download speed of 63.20 Mbps. In the top cities list of Ookla, only Delhi and Mumbai made it for the month of September 2022. In Mumbai, users got a median mobile download speed of 12.29 Mbps and a median fixed broadband download speed of 43.56 Mbps. None of the other cities from the nation made it to the list.

In the median mobile download speeds globally, Delhi stood at the 143rd position, while Mumbai stood at the 152nd position. At the same time, in the fixed-broadband speeds department, Delhi stood at 84th rank and Mumbai at 111th rank. This is not a very positive or encouraging figure if we were to compare it to the speeds offered in the cities where users got the fastest median mobile download and median fixed broadband download speeds.

Just for comparison, during the same month, Shanghai in China offered users a median download speed of 158.63 Mbps. In the fixed broadband department as well, China’s Beijing was leading the median speed charts with a score of 238.86 Mbps. Despite having a similar sort of consumer density in urban cities, users in China are able to get much better mobile download speeds than users in India. This could also be due to the fact that China has a wider 5G coverage than India. Regardless, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.