construct – Easy methods to discover purpose for error when launching app in iOS simulator from command-line


I am making an attempt to construct purposes utilizing my very own construct system, exterior of Xcode. I’ve bought issues operating on my macOS laptop computer (x86) and on iOS units (ARM), however I have not but run my app within the iOS simulator. The error that comes again is unhelpful, and I ponder if anybody is aware of find out how to discover out what’s incorrect.

I compiled the app for my host structure (x86_64), utilizing the simulator SDK (/Purposes/ And I ran the codesign utility on it. So I’ve a bundle able to go in Good Subsequent I run these shell instructions:

# Begins the simulator
% open /Purposes/

# Set up app on the simulator
% xcrun simctl set up booted construct/HelloWorldIOS/Good

# Attempt to launch it
% xcrun simctl launch booted com.instance.HelloWorldIOS --console -w 
An error was encountered processing the command (area=NSPOSIXErrorDomain, code=3):
Simulator system returned an error for the requested operation.
No such course of
Underlying error (area=NSPOSIXErrorDomain, code=3):
    Software launch for 'com.instance.HelloWorldIOS' didn't return a sound pid nor a launch error.
    No such course of

The app icon expands to a black display screen for a second, so I do know it is making an attempt to launch it. But it surely disappears instantly.

I have not discovered something useful within the logs. There are many messages about as useful as this:

Bootstrapping failed for <FBApplicationProcess: 0x7fb57d670960; utility<com.instance.HelloWorldIOS>:<invalid>> with error: <NSError: 0x60000033e820; area: RBSRequestErrorDomain; code: 5; purpose: "Launch failed."> {
    NSUnderlyingError = <NSError: 0x60000033f330; area: NSPOSIXErrorDomain; code: 162>;

The primary strains of my foremost() operate attempt to write to stdout and stderr, so both it is not getting there, or --console does not do what I believed it might do.