community – iPad Professional Gen 3 (2018) Efficient USB Bandwidth


I’ve a relatively distinctive P2P community configuration between an ASUS GU603HM and an iPad Professional third Gen (2018). I am utilizing usbmuxd to ascertain an IP over USB connection between the 2. I’ve additionally tried the identical configuration with Apple’s personal usbmux implementation on a Mac Mini 2018 as a substitute of the ASUS, by enabling community connection sharing (over iPad USB) in Settings.

Though all configurations I’ve tried enable for larger bandwidth, I am solely getting round 2gbps velocity from the laptop computer/Mac Mini to the iPad, and 3gbps within the reverse course (from the iPad to the machine, examined with iperf3). The iPad ought to have a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 port able to speeds as much as 10gbps, and each laptop computer USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 4, 3.1 Gen 2) and the Mac Mini (Thunderbolt 3) ports are all able to 10+ gbps. Each cables I’ve tried are additionally Thunderbolt.

Effectively, 2gbps != 10 gbps, and the iPad is the one fixed in each methods, so I assume the iPad itself is the bottleneck. My query is that this: has anybody been capable of get speeds of above 3-4 Gbps on the iPad’s USB-C port by means apart from monitor output (e.g. file learn/write, which means that community bandwidth is restricted)? Or is a few software program/{hardware} within the iPad limiting bandwidth to solely a 3rd of what it could possibly be?