Boris Places Two Raspberry Pis to Work in This Impressively-Industrial Dwelling Assistant Management Panel


Mononymous YouTuber Boris, of the channel BorisDigital, has gone a step past most residence automation setups by taking the Dwelling Assistant dashboard and making it bodily — utilizing a pair of Raspberry Pi single-board computer systems to construct an industrially-inspired wall-mounted management panel.

“I modeled this after fashionable industrial jetliner cockpits, and in addition a bit of on nuclear energy plant management rooms,” Boris explains of the management panel’s aesthetics. “Each are nice issues to include into your décor in my view! I’ve a reasonably complicated Dwelling Assistant setup, and this panel makes it simpler to view and management what is going on on in the home at a look.”

When you really feel most residence automation setups are a bit of too ephemeral, Boris has the hefty bodily management panel for you. (📹: BorisDigital)

Most Dwelling Assistant customers management their setups by the software program’s internet interface, however Boris opted for one thing extra concrete. The panel features a 7″ touchscreen show related to a Raspberry Pi 3 Mannequin B+, which flips by a choice of Dwelling Assistant dashboards configured by an extension. Bodily buttons subsequent to the display screen carry up different pages, together with safety cameras and data on the panel itself.

The display screen is simply a small a part of the management panel. Three units of seven-segment LEDs beneath the display screen present readings from an Aeotec Dwelling Vitality Meter for the monitoring of voltage, amperage, and wattage of 1 or each incoming phases. Buttons beneath these management lights, switches, and shops — “and I could even label them some day,” Boris jokes.

The underside half of the panel is the place the commercial styling actually reveals: the casing is marked with a schematic diagram of the home’s plumbing system, with LEDs feeding again on water move, leakages, and overflows as and once they occur. “For example,” Boris explains, “if I open up a faucet, the water meter LED turns inexperienced after which this bar graph reveals the speed of move by the system. If the move is simply too excessive or lasts for too lengthy, it triggers an alarm.”

The management panel even features a bodily key, locking out the buttons if not inserted. The whole lot bar the show is related to a second Raspberry Pi 3 Mannequin B+, with each boards related to the house community by Ethernet — minimizing cabling by using Energy-over-Ethernet (PoE) boards.

The challenge is detailed in full within the video embedded above and on the BorisDigital YouTube channel.