Background blur in Amazon Chime Sdk iOS along with VideoRenderView


personal func customVideoOnly() {
        let videoRenderView = _view as! VideoRenderView
        _view.contentMode = .scaleAspectFit
        //---> customized view .background).async {
            DispatchQueue.predominant.async {
                self.cameraCaptureSource.addVideoSink(sink: videoRenderView)

At present, I am utilizing this code to render a customized view on iOS, sadly I can not obtain a background blur performance im utilizing this pattern

var customVideoSource: VideoSource = self.customSource
 customVideoSource.addVideoSink(sink: self.backgroundReplacementProcessor)
 customVideoSource = self.backgroundReplacementProcessor
 let config = LocalVideoConfiguration(maxBitRateKbps: self.localVideoMaxBitRateKbps)
 self.audioVideoFacade.startLocalVideo(supply: customVideoSource,
                                                          config: config)