automator – Possible to enable passwordless remote login without RSA keys?


I have a very short term need on my own home network that nobody else has any access to whatsoever, to allow one mac to SSH into another and issue a restart command. I want to script this so that it’s just a doubleclick on an Automator workflow, and the remote machine restarts. So far everything I have read online that claims to support this, has not worked. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong but I’m stuck so looking for help.

I am totally aware of how unsecure this is, I just need this for a few days and I’m fine with all the security implications. I don’t want to have to set up keys to do proper passwordless access, and I don’t want to have to install/compile anything new just for this. I will most likely never need this capability again. It’s a very temporary and unusual need.

Running macOS Catalina on both machines.