android – In-app purchase of a dummy app for collection only



In my Angular Ionic app I would like the customer to be able to purchase a product in the app. That product to be purchased is not a published Google Play or Apple Store product, and the only effect of the purchase are some updates in my app’s internal Database.

I do need a mechanism to complete the purchase in the app, including (mainly) collecting the product fees.

I read in the Capacitor/Cordova documentation that the in-app purchase feature is only applicable to already existing, published applications in the store – which is not my case.

My question: Can I publish a dummy app on Google Play and Apple Store to serve as a generic “catch all” in-app payments, accepting different prices (for different products, maybe by facilitating a discount mechanism from a base product price of the dummy app)?

If not, what other strategy would you suggest?

Thank you!