android – How many apps can you build at Expo?


I have recently finished developing two apps using react-native/Expo and ready to build. However, I was surprised that when I built the second application in Expo in .APK format (The build was done with the same expo account with which the first application was built). I have noticed that two apps are not deployed from Expo, two separate apps, but the second app overwrites to the first app. I am confused. That is why my question about, how many mobile applications can I build in Expo?

If my reasoning is correct. So the answer would be. Only one app can be built in Expo.

I must clarify, that the second application has taken part of the code of the first (it is like Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V) but changes and other modifications have been made. Perhaps this is the cause of one application overwriting the other application.

Please, I hope you can clarify the doubts that I present. I appreciate your responses.