Airtel Edge CDN Service Explained


Airtel B2B: Airtel Edge CDN Service Explained

As a global communications provider, Airtel offers a range of solutions for enterprise customers, including secure connectivity, cloud and data centre services, IoT and more. Nxtra by Airtel, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, offers the largest network of secure, scalable, and sustainable data centres in India. With this portfolio of connectivity, data centre and security, Airtel is fully equipped to offer Airtel Cloud – multi-cloud solutions for business. So, let’s look at the Edge CDN Service offered by Airtel for Business.

Edge Cloud

An Edge Cloud can be referred to somewhere between cloud computing and the edge of a network. Edge Clouds are intelligent edge nodes closer to the source of data, equipment and devices, with software architecture to deliver services in a way similar to public cloud services hosted by micro data centres. These micro DCs store, analyze and process the data faster than using a connection to a data centre. With the implementation of an edge cloud, a variety of functions will migrate to it.

Advantages of Edge Cloud

Since the edge is decentralized and located across, any attacks are limited at the edge, which is more secure than traditional network architectures and provides more control over data flow. In addition, if an edge is impacted, other parts of the network continue without any issues during outages elsewhere in the system.

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Airtel Competence

Airtel can comfortably provide businesses with the below advantages using its capabilities.

  • Airtel offers 120+ Edge Centres
  • 30% minimum reduced latency
  • Promises 99.99% service availability
  • 120+ PB (Petabyte) of storage. A Petabyte (PB) is 1,024 TB.

Airtel Edge CDN

Now that you know what an Edge Cloud is, CDN Makes more sense with capabilities such as Data Centre and Edge Cloud already exist with the service provider. We are enjoying content over the internet at faster speeds and reduced times due to the usage of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to deliver media.

High-quality delivery is critical for streaming videos, instant loading of photos, gaming, VR or other media. So, getting closer to the user and devices help deliver content like never before by getting into the service provider’s network.

So, a CDN inside the service provider’s network ensures an unmatched user experience. Qwilt’s next-generation CDN integrated into the network delivers superior quality and more capacity. Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud for content delivery is a software-based edge computing solution distributed at the last mile of service provider networks.

This entire architectural setup, called Edge CDN, will help consumers experience a difference in media consumption.

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Airtel Advantage

For Business

Airtel offers more delivery capacity when and where you need it and more flexibility in terms of usage. Airtel also provides direct support, using which businesses can provide better experiences for users, support mass live events, and achieve support for advanced use cases.

For Content

  • Faster Time-to-First-Byte, optimization of web vitals
  • Lower latency, faster response times and transactions
  • Superior quality digital experiences for your users

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Airtel’s Edge Cloud offers Comprehensive content controls and feature activation through Application Programming Interface (API) calls, using which Businesses can improve features, product, service agility and responsiveness and decrease time to market for delivering a new experience.