AFWERX Funds Advanced Aircraft HAMR


 Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC) has been chosen by AFWERX for an SBIR Phase II contract to further develop the HAMR: AAC’s Hybrid Advanced Multi-Rotor Uncrewed Aerial System.

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HAMR’s multi-rotor configuration and distributed electric propulsion system give the aircraft outstanding flight endurance.  In addition, HAMR can accommodate  multiple, simultaneous payloads. “The aircraft can be optimized for a wide range of defense applications and mission profiles, including tactical ISR, perimeter security, search and rescue, and medical supply delivery missions,” says the company announcement.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded an SBIR Phase II contract and look forward to continuing development of our UAS to aid our warfighters on the battlefield,” said Paul Allen, CEO of AAC. “Our HAMR UAV’s high-performance, efficient propulsion system, rugged aerodynamic airframe, ease of use, and serviceability in the field make it ideally suited for demanding military operations in the most austere environments.”

HAMR’s distributed electric propulsion system incorporates an electronic fuel-injected and computer-controlled dual piston engine driving an integrated electric generator producing up to 4000W to power the onboard sensors, six independent brushless DC electric motors, and a backup battery.

HAMR has a maximum payload capacity of 12 pounds and dual payload bays.  This means the UAS can carry multiple sensors or devices, including a wide range of optimal or infrared cameras, LiDAR systems, EO, IR, or communications systems; or can carry additional fuel for longer flight endurance.

Designed for military use, HAMR is extremely portable and can be launched quickly without ground support infrastructure.  It can also be disassembled and easily transported in a single case.  Importantly, HAMR is engineered to optimize operational uptime.  Using line replaceable units (LRUs) the aircraft can be serviced in the field by personnel with minimal training.

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