ADU 01293: What are some predictions and insights for the drone industry in 2023?


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Join us on today’s show as we discuss our predictions and insights for 2023 and what we believe will drive the drone industry ahead this year.

Our question for today is from Tom who would like to know our predictions for 2023 and what we believe will be some of the key areas to watch out for in 2023.

In our response to Tom’s question, we discuss what would be important developments for drone pilots to watch out for in 2023. We start off by talking about the importance of maintaining professionalism in the drone industry. A key aspect to most successful business owners has been their ability to maintain their professionalism while dealing with clients.

We then discuss about the upcoming Infrastructure Bill, what it constitutes and how drones can play an important role in ensuring infrastructure becomes a key vertical to watch out for in 2023. We also discuss other predictions that are set to boom in 2023 including the agriculture industry, the inspection business and how drone pilot skillsets can set them up for success. We also cover how drone jobs can be in great demand in 2023 and requirement for drone pilots for applications such as Lucid Drones can be in high demand in 2023.

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[01:18] Today’s question on predictions and insights for the Drone Industry in 2023
[02:47] Predictions that we discuss on today’s show – Infrastructure bill, Drone Job and opportunities, Macro view of economy impacting drone jobs and domestic drone industry
[05:15] Professionalism in the drone industry
[08:50] The traits of successful people in any professional industry and how these traits can help beat the competition
[11:17] Paul’s book recommendation to hacking emotions and emotional response
[13:08] Business verticals set to boom in 2023 – Infrastructure
[16:22] Business verticals set to boom in 2023 – Agriculture, Cleaning (
[23:10] A discussion on Pix4D vs Optelos and mapping software