6 All-Time Horrifying True Crime Stories You Can Watch in One Binge on OTT



True-crime stories on OTT have developed into a phenomenon where viewers add them to their watchlists and binge them on the weekends. The globe may now see some horrifying crimes that have happened throughout the years’ thanks to certain horrifying real-life stories that have been turned into films and released on OTT.

We are able to see some unbelievable true crimes that happened in the past, even decades ago, when there weren’t as many media outlets for sharing information as there are today, thanks to the expansion of the global audience and the accessibility of digital content. We present to you six of the greatest true crime stories that you may binge-watch this weekend in light of the growing acceptance of crime dramas and thrillers among the Indian public.

Six True-Crime Stories to watch on OTT.

1. Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega

This Netflix web series is based on real crimes, such as Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer Phishing, committed by a bunch of school dropouts. Sunny and Rocky, the main characters, are cousins who, along with their friends, begin to con people over the phone in order to make money. However, things turn out badly for them when a news item is published about the scam. After reading an article about a phishing scam run by a group of school dropouts, the film’s director, Soumendra Padhi, got the idea for it. Yesterday saw the release of the second season of the show, which continues their criminal activity while rekindling old rivalries and introducing new characters.

Where to Watch: Netflix

2. Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer

Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer, a recently produced film, is based on an actual crime—or rather, a series of crimes—that occurred there. It concerns a man who is found guilty of killing multiple people and is also charged with ritualistic cannibalism. The police identify a beheaded body as belonging to a missing journalist at the beginning of the episode, and they soon find a suspect who is ten steps ahead of them. When you think that the series is based on actual events that took place in Delhi, the nation’s capital, you realize how terrifying it is. When the serial killer’s diary is discovered and contains his admissions and his resentment of the system, the story takes a horrifying turn. The series began streaming on September 7.

Where to Watch: Netflix

3. Delhi Crime Season 2

The events and crimes that have plagued the capital city of Delhi for the past few decades come to light in the brand-new season of Delhi Crime Season 2. The television series tells the tale of ruthless killers who replicate the Kaccha-Baniyan gang’s crimes of robbing and killing senior folks from Delhi’s upper class. If you’re looking for a series about the Indian police and how they operate, keep an eye out for the conflict between the Delhi police’s efforts to reduce crime and capture the assassins.

Where to Watch: Netflix

4. The Keepers

People who read about this docuseries, which is based on an actual story that took place decades ago, still get the shivers. The disappearance and murder of a nun named Cathy Cesnik are revealed in the movie adaptation of the Baltimore story. On November 7, 1969, a cherished nun who taught high school students at a monastery vanished mysteriously. Her body is discovered two months later. The tale reveals multiple sexual offences committed by the school chaplain that went unreported and unpunished. Through firsthand accounts from Sister Cesnik’s friends, students, and coworkers, whose murder is still unsolved today despite the perpetrator, director Ryan White has pieced together the events of that deadly crime.

Where to Watch: Netflix

5. Why Did You Kill Me?

The American documentary series, which is based on a true crime scenario, emphasises the importance of digital platforms when it comes to finding information globally. The movie, which was directed by Fredrick Munk, examines a family’s use of social media to track out the murderer of their 24-year-old daughter. The American movie shows the horrifying tragedy that claimed their daughter’s life and emphasizes the mother’s struggle as she hunts for her daughter’s killers and travels down the extremely upsetting path of seeking justice.

Where to Watch: Netflix

6. American Murder: The Family Next Door

This Netflix documentary is based on a real-life crime that shocked the entire world. The audience was told the tale of the Colorado-based Watts family by director Jenny Popplewell. The documentary uses social media posts, texts, CCTV evidence, and official papers to materialize a horrifying story of the murder of Shanann Watts and her children. In a film that examines several possibilities and the killer’s thoughts as to why he did what he did, Popplewell weaves this riddle. When Shanann Watts’ husband is revealed to be the murderer—killing her and their two girls as a result of the stress in their marriage—the story turns grim and improbable. The story’s actions and the consequences of the murders are disturbing.

Where to Watch: Netflix