5G and IoT: Convergence and Alternative


Tune into the dialog between Robby Hamblet, CEO of Teal Communications, and Jim Brisimitzis, Founder & Basic Associate on the 5G Open Innovation Lab, as they focus on the convergence and alternative of 5G and IoT.

Throughout the dialogue, Mr. Hamblet and Mr. Brisimitzis will hit on matters similar to:

  • The chance that 5G and edge computing presents for the Web of Issues (IoT)
  • What the present-day and future appears like for 5G
  • What IoT use circumstances profit most from the rollout and adoption of 5G
  • The position of personal 5G networks
  • Leaders within the race to deploy 5G

Robby Hamblet is the CEO and Co-Founding father of Teal Communications. The corporate is on the forefront of the extraordinarily fast-growing IoT, personal networking & 5G area. Jim Brisimitzis, Founder & Basic Associate on the 5G Open Innovation Lab. Previous to founding the 5G Open Innovation Lab, Mr. Brisimitzis was a Managing Associate at Quake Capital Companions and Basic Supervisor for Microsoft’s Cloud Developer group.

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